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I'll show YOU a hot dork

Because of severe boredom and complete loss of motivation, I am very focused on being the hot dork of the month!

I USED to be cute. We still don't know what happened.

This is me with the X quite a few years ago, when I weighed about 110lbs.

Will put on shirt for food...

My goal from working out?

Including growing wings, and wearing my pants way to low. PS I drew this...

Vote me! I have... ummm... pizazz!
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I lose!

You already have my vote.

Showing tits get you far in this world...apparently...

Well, your tits anyway. My interest was already peaked when I saw your face/smile, soo.

And I love guns only because of Gunner Yunie. Otherwise, I'm a pacifist. Tee-hee!
Yes. Dorky with a nice bod. I dig
You have a great body! Also, I love the drawing :)
Sorry you didn't win! :( It was a close one.