Charlene (moomercows) wrote in hot_dorks,

Wow. So I went to the mall the other day and was practically jumped by this guy who was giving people rabbit hats. He put one on my head. It made me sad:

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Then I got home and thought "I wonder how weird it would be to take a picture of myself up against a mirror." So I did:

Image hosted by

Then I took pictures of myself with the hat I knit. I know...I knit. It's pathetic. Oh wait! I'm in a community of dorks!!! YES! =]

Image hosted by

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Then I took this picture, and my boyfriend says it looks like I want sex in the picture. I said I wasn't looking for sex at the time. He didn't believe me.

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Random picture of me I took that day as well:

Image hosted by

Now don't make fun of me too much...I know I'm weird looking. =P
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Does your shirt say "I Eat the Smart Kids" oO;;;

Deleted comment

Your cute mug reminds me of a young Corinne Bohrer (Police Academy 4 and 5)