Pirate wench

So I went out on Saturday dressed as a pirate, but kinda ended up looking more like a multi purpose buxom wench.
What's a dork to do when surrounded by beautiful pirate girls in bikinis?
She goes and takes photos of herself in the toilets to stroke her ego, of course.

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Alright, I need some help deciding which picture is the best. I took the one the majority of you said you liked the best from my PhotoBucket (minus the half naked one) and I put it here too. But I asked a few other people and this is what it's been narrowed down to. So please help me decide. If there's a kinda big reason you choose a certain picture, can you please let me know...just so I know why you liked it and can see if that's something I want to be emphasizing. For example..."nice smile"...ok, do I want my smile to be the main focus? If you don't feel like saying why, that's perfectly fine too. It's hard to explain what this is for...but I figured this is the perfect community to ask! Please help!! Thanks!

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Thank you so much if you comment!!!
Billy *squee*

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I believe this constitutes a hot dork moment. Yesterday we had a matinee and nighttime production of Oklahoma! at my school, which I was a part of. Inbetween the shows my friend and I walked down the street to Gelson's to get lunch.

Hot part
2 cars honked at us

dork part
Whenever we crossed the street we pretended to ride horses.
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