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I'm a hazard to a camera.

All these pictures are from today or yesterday, I've been camwhoring a lot.

This was supposed to be a face shot but came out to be a body shot due to my bad aiming. Oh well. I might add that my shirt owns. Vintagey cheap shirts are the best.

Hahahaha I look so cowgirl. I need to lasso a guy. *shifty eyes*

I like this picture. Not particularly dorky.

LAWLZERZZZ! I'm so Emo it rains on me when I'm inside. Paint Shop Pro & Animation Shop rocks my socks off.

Umm this is what happens when you finish sharpening your eyeliner and is left alone with a camera.

HAHA! I took this one a few minutes ago! This is what happens when you're left alone on Easter when all your friends are at a popular fancy country club easter hunting with 8 year olds. :(

I'm really lonely, on a holiday at that. *sob*

& Pah on me if I'm the youngest applicant ;)

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You're really pretty, and I liked the eyeliner picture. :-p

How old are you? I thought I was the youngest applicant.
Awww thank you <333

I turned 14 in January 11th. I should look through the applications first before I make an assumption.
Ahh, you're right then.

Damn, less than a month away from being the youngest for me. I turned 14 December 23.

I'm almost always one of the top 3 youngest people though. I'm the 3rd youngest in my guild on World of Warcraft, but, one of the things I love about that game is, they treat me my age intelectually, instead of assuming I'm just an annoying young teenager.

Sorry. Ranting time is done now.


The nice thing about Spring Break is that you can sit on your ass and play games.

Generally on the internet of all my friends I'm the youngest. I mean, seriously ... my friends are all looking at colleges and I'm dreading high school.

It's funny though, because in the dreaded real life I'm an old fart.

Pshyeah! WOW kick serious ass.
the eyeliner picture makes me want to call you a stinky pirate hooker, but in the best possible way
That made my day. You have a way with words. <3
if you weren't illegal in most states i'd...


well hey, i'm only 18, and in Tennessee I believe the rule is...

why am i even discussing this?

you've got me smitten.
asian chicks are hot.
and if you're not asian, I apologize.
but you're still hot.

Hahaha I am!
*is happy you didn't just call me Chinese or some specific type of Asian*
<333 Thanks. =]
Mmm... I totally agree with sparkyz... Asian chicks are so SO hawt :)

*wipes drool from chin*
I third that motion, you are hot stuff chica!