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I'm a hazard to a camera.

All these pictures are from today or yesterday, I've been camwhoring a lot.

This was supposed to be a face shot but came out to be a body shot due to my bad aiming. Oh well. I might add that my shirt owns. Vintagey cheap shirts are the best.

Hahahaha I look so cowgirl. I need to lasso a guy. *shifty eyes*

I like this picture. Not particularly dorky.

LAWLZERZZZ! I'm so Emo it rains on me when I'm inside. Paint Shop Pro & Animation Shop rocks my socks off.

Umm this is what happens when you finish sharpening your eyeliner and is left alone with a camera.

HAHA! I took this one a few minutes ago! This is what happens when you're left alone on Easter when all your friends are at a popular fancy country club easter hunting with 8 year olds. :(

I'm really lonely, on a holiday at that. *sob*

& Pah on me if I'm the youngest applicant ;)

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