Charlene (moomercows) wrote in hot_dorks,

Well, being the dork I am, I got bored. And took pictures. Here you go.

I have had this cow purse for a few years now, since I was a Sophomore in high school. I use it every now and then, and I did today, so I figured I'd take some hot pictures of the awesomeness. I named my purse Moo.

Image hosted by
^^^That's Moo, the amazing cow purse. Jealous?

Image hosted by
^^^ Oh yeah, who's excited? I am!

Image hosted by
^^^ So excited, I kissed Moo.

Image hosted by
^^^ Then, Moo kissed me back, it was amazing. I was touched.

Image hosted by
^^^ Finally, a normal picture of me and Moo.

It was a nice day, so I just took some pictures of me being relatively normal...

Image hosted by
^^^I am just too awesome for words. Lol, just kidding.

Image hosted by
^^^ That's me laughing at my awesomeness.

Image hosted by
^^^ Woah, too cool for you. Hahah...

Love it???
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