Charlene (moomercows) wrote in hot_dorks,

Alright, I need some help deciding which picture is the best. I took the one the majority of you said you liked the best from my PhotoBucket (minus the half naked one) and I put it here too. But I asked a few other people and this is what it's been narrowed down to. So please help me decide. If there's a kinda big reason you choose a certain picture, can you please let me know...just so I know why you liked it and can see if that's something I want to be emphasizing. For example..."nice smile"...ok, do I want my smile to be the main focus? If you don't feel like saying why, that's perfectly fine too. It's hard to explain what this is for...but I figured this is the perfect community to ask! Please help!! Thanks!

1.Image hosted by

2.Image hosted by

3.Image hosted by

4.Image hosted by

5.Image hosted by

6.Image hosted by

7.Image hosted by

8.Image hosted by

Thank you so much if you comment!!!
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