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This is me, as my stripper alter ego, S.P.C. McG (Specialist Gordon). You'll notice that small tatoo on my hip- that is the phoenix from Final Fantasy VIII. If getting something from a video game tatooed on you isn't hard core dork... I don't know what is... It is also me, trying to be as sexy as possible... *winces*

These are the tatoos on my back that I love. The top two mean student...which is more geeky, than dorky, but VERY close- and the bottom one means soldier.

One day I was leaning on a door in the tactical operations center and it broke and splintered into nothing, causing me to crash in a heap. Officers of ungodly rank asked me what I was going to do about their door. This is what I came up with...

People often think that you have to be super manly and daring to be in the army- especially if you're deployed in Iraq. Well- I'm an exception. What do I do for the army? Oh yes... I network computers... :/

And lastly (this proves I'm a dork), this is a picture of me and the hot dork known as blueyou. We met in Live Journal, and I traveled all the way from Iraq to visit her in England on my two week leave instead of going home to the states. I, of course, was wowed by her beauty and fell down one flight of stairs and stumbled about- oh say- 12 or so times in the three days I spent with her...

And that about does it.
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