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Are you teh sexy dork?

uNF uNF uNF!!!

Hot Dorks
Posting Access:
All Members
To apply to hot_dorks:
  1. You must join this community.

  2. You must be a stamped member of _are_you_a_dork.

  3. You must fill out this poll.
    • After your dorkdom has been confirmed by the mods, you will be given posting access.

  4. As soon as possible, post your application.
    • Do not post anything besides this.
    • Do not comment to any other posts.
    • Posting anything other than an application or a reply to your application without a stamp will result in an automatic rejection.

  5. Members that have already been accepted will vote on your application.
    • Your application must include at least three (3) pictures of yourself.
    • Include at least one (1) full-body picture of yourself.
    • You're being rated on how sexy you look, as well as the dorkiness of your pictures.

  6. After you have received sufficient votes, you will be stamped.
    • You need at least 2/3rds (66%) of votes to be Yes in order to get accepted.
    • If you are rejected, you may reapply again after two (2) weeks.

  7. If you are accepted, you will be given a stamp and a link to add a comment.
    • Please include the URL of your application in that comment. This is used to keep track of members. This is very important.

  • You may not vote, post or reply to posts until you are accepted. Obviously, your own application is the exception to this rule.

  • Once accepted, you must comment here with a link to your application.

  • After you've posted your application to the link above, you are free to vote, post and reply to our community.

  • All posts containing images must be placed behind a <lj-cut>.

  • All posts containing nudity must contain NSFW in the subject line.

  • All promotions for other communities must be behind a <lj-cut> with PROMOTION included in the subject line.

  • No bitching about getting rejected.


  • No memes.

  • No trolling.

  • Don't be a twat waffle™.

Members & Voting:
  • Remember that if you do not include a "Yes or "No" along with an explanation of your vote (long/short/whatever), it will not be counted as a point either for or against the applicant.

  • If an applicant does not present enough information/visual stimulation to sway your vote one way or the other, please feel free to ask them for more.

  • Please try to remember that we are voting mostly on hotness of the dork in question and the rest on the dorkiness of the pictures submitted. Qualms on whether the applicant meets your personal definition of dork are irrelavent, since they have already proven themselves at _are_you_a_dork.

Make sure that we can see your pictures. While small, out-of-focus pics are annoying... most problems come from broken image links and remote loading issues. If you don't know how to post pictures, please refer to this FAQ.

Remember, we are dorks... and in being that, we are by default, silly creatures. While scans of your Glamour Shots™ are all fine and dandy, being a dork is 99% personality... and your pics should represent that :)

Proper use of the English language and an easy-to-read format aren't necessary, but it will help a great deal. The most effective way seems to be paragraph format, using complete sentences and a visit to the spell-checker.

Don't be shy... or else, why apply?

Disclaimer: Dorks are friendly and inviting by nature... and so shall be this community. Please refrain from personal attacks. If an argument is coming down to semantics and/or grammar, that is a pretty good sign it's dead; let it go. There is no need to be a prick. If any mod feels you are out of line, they have the right to ban you, whether you be stamped or not. If you have been banned and feel this is unfair, you may take it up with other mods... or go cry to your mama.

Breaking any of the above stated rules is punishable by banning.